Shining Aqua Injection

Japan Derma Shine /Aqua Shining /NON Injection of HYALURONIC ACI
Japan Derma Shine /Aqua Shining /NON Injection of HYALURONIC ACI
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 Japan Derma Shine /Aqua Shining /NON Injection of HYALURONIC ACID + COLLAGEN


What is Derma Shine?
Derma Shine is an anti-aging program that helps with maintenance of clear, elastic, and transparent skin by injecting hyaluronic acid into dermal layer of the skin with multi syringe that uses negative pressure. Injection of hyaluronic acid maintains the skin to be moisture and more elastic and makes the skin tone brighter.

But our Derma Shine is non Injection of Hyaluronic Acid

Suitable for all skin types, especially dry, dull, lines and uneven skin.

Excellent moisturizing effect for the relaxed, lacking elasticity, wrinkled, sensitive, purple veins and other skin problems


Size :3 x 2.5ml (each syringe)
Each syringe can be used 2-3 times . 

Korean Derma Shine Injection / Aqua Shining Injection


The Korean Derma Shining Injection (also called the aqua shine injection) first hits the Korean market in about 2009, and it gets really peoples in Asia inclduing China, Japan and Hongkong, Malaysia since 2013 and still hot until now. Especially in China and Malaysia, which is called 水光针 or 水光注射,local beauty salon are now even offering the injection for clients, you can get it anywhere now. 


What is Aqua Shining injection and how it works?


Basically the aqua injection only contains Hyaluronic Acid, however the doctor would mix Botox, Vitamin C, PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) etc to reach different expectations for different individual customers. 


How does the Aqua injection works?


By injecting hyaluronic acid which adds moisture to dermis skin by using multi-niddles to inject evenly. 

    It is an anti-aging injection for mainataining elastic, hydration, and even the skin tone. By adding the vitamin c, it could also whiten your skin and reduce speckles. The injection was done by a injection machine such as Derma Shine, Derma Queen or Cystal Injector. With the injector, by injecting proper amount on accurate depth of skin such as the dermis layers, the hyaluronic acid stays and adding moistures to the skin.